We offer a service to select clients who are guaranteed that every effort is devoted to achieving the successful completion of projects. Our philosophy is based on an emphasis on delivering quality, service and value to Clients. Our highly experienced staff, along with our key alignment with core specialist subcontractors, ensures we are always positioned to provide this at an extremely cost effective price. We take the time to understand the key objectives of our Client and ensure we assist them in achieving the desired outcomes while complying with contractual, legislative, regulatory and other requirements in the most cost-effective manner.


3. Safety Management

We have a robust Safety Management Plan standard and this Plan is customized for each project. We have a dedicated OHS Manager who ensures all our workers are trained in the appropriate OHS requirements and that they are equipped with the right tools to actively manage their workplace particularly in terms of safety. We have implemented a safety management system developed by Advanced Safety Systems Australia (ASSA). We maintain a subscription to ASSA to ensure that all changes to the legislation and standards are received and incorporated into our OHS policies and procedures. We also receive regular updates through our membership of the Master Builders Association.

Strategic Planning

4. Strategic Planning

As an organisation, we are continuously in the process of defining our strategy, direction and decision making on allocating resources. Our resources primarily consist of capital and people.
Our internal strategic planning deals with three questions:

  1. What do we do?
  2. For whom do we do it?
  3. How do we excel?

These three questions are always applied to each client and project. We do not provide quotations for projects if we don’t believe we offer something to the Client, both through our experience and our knowledge. We have developed systems and procedures that ensure consistency in all areas of our operations and all staff are keenly aware of the company philosophy of providing maximum service and minimum inconvenience to our clients.

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