We offer a service to select clients who are guaranteed that every effort is devoted to achieving the successful completion of projects. Our philosophy is based on an emphasis on delivering quality, service and value to Clients. Our highly experienced staff, along with our key alignment with core specialist subcontractors, ensures we are always positioned to provide this at an extremely cost effective price. We take the time to understand the key objectives of our Client and ensure we assist them in achieving the desired outcomes while complying with contractual, legislative, regulatory and other requirements in the most cost-effective manner.


1. Approach

Our approach is that we are a guest in our client’s facility: we can only operate under the clients rules and guidelines. This approach places the focus on the client rather than on the building works. The building works will invariably cause some inconvenience to other parties. Our aim is to minimize inconvenience by working closely with the client and consultants. This requires vigorous planning and daily communication. Part of the culture of W Fairweather & Son is that we work in a friendly manner with all levels of staff.

We deliver a robust and responsive account management service with senior staff dedicated to each project. As a client, you will have direct access to our Managing Director so any issues that can’t be resolved at site level can be escalated to him for immediate resolution. A Project Manager will be appointed and he will attend all site meetings, administer the contract and be in direct communication with you, the client.  A site supervisor will be on site at all times and will be responsible for managing all trades. A project administration officer will be assigned to your account and will ensure all communications are handled promptly. Our on-site team are all experienced and very aware of our commitment to the approach that we are a guest in our clients facility and that we can only operate under the clients rules and guidelines.

We believe the size of our organization and the direct involvement of our Managing Director on each project ensures an extremely high standard of service.


2. Operations

The majority of the work we undertake is controlled by:

  • WorkSafe
  • Building Code of Australia
  • Local Council requirements
  • Contract specification and drawings
  • Industry Standards

The way we operate is tightly controlled, however we are constantly looking at ways to improve the way we undertake tasks and at issues dealing with building. We continuously research materials and installation methods to improve our efficiency.

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Our Work University of Western Australia College Enabling Project

Our Work Niana House, Castledare Retirement Village